Borrowing Lenses

[ Trying out the lens before the trip. ]

I decided to rent a lens for our spring break trip to San Diego (I coincided my bloggy break with our vacation). I thought it would be nice to keep one lens on as we walked out and about, and I also wanted to try out a lens that I might want to purchase in the future.

[ Another one from before we left. ]

Mom & Dad's Porch

I borrowed the Tamron AF18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di-II VC LD AF (IF) Macro for Canon from for two weeks for $69 (+ $6 insurance and shipping both ways). We considered it one of our travel expenses, and I really enjoyed being able to check out the lens for a little while without having to make a long-term (and expensive) commitment without being sure.

[ San Diego Zoo. ]


My photography teacher from whom I had taken the “Fundamentals of Photography” class and learned how to use my SLR in manual among a few other basic pieces of information had actually recommended that we rent a lens first before buying it. She said there had been many times she rented a lens that she was considering buying and realized that it wouldn’t have been much use to her in the long run. She said there had also been times that she rented a lens repeatedly before finally making a purchase to own it. This makes a lot of sense considering lenses start at a few hundred dollars but go upwards of several thousand.

[ Cady looking out an open sliding glass door. ]


My first rental experience was great. The lens arrived on time. I requested it 3 days before our trip just in case it was a little behind schedule, but it came when I was told it would. Then I had it for another 4 days after our 1 week trip before it had to be postmarked to ship on the final day of my rental period. Front cap, rear cap, UV filter, and lens hood were included in the rental package. The lens was in great working condition. They provided the packing material and shipping label. All I had to do was drop it off at a Fed-Ex location, and there is one conveniently located down the street.

[ Flower at Grandma’s house. ]


Also, their customer service is great. I forgot to pack the lens hood when I shipped the lens, and after an email, they quickly responded and let me know I could still mail it back to them.

[ Bluejay eating peanuts. ]


Note: I don’t get anything in return for writing this review, but because of my good experience, I am joining their affliate program and recommending their services to my friends.

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