Goodbye 2010

{ Nutcracker my sister brought back from her winter trip to Germany }

We had some good times. 2010 wasn’t a perfect year (since there probably isn’t such a thing), but it was a wonderful year. We were happy, healthy, and together as a family. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Looking back, I can’t believe how much Cadence has changed and grown up.

I can’t forget to mention that my favorite show to talk about ever, LOST, also ended in 2010. I can’t believe that either. I sometimes get a little sad when I remember it’s over, but we also got Filipino channels in 2010 that have brought me lots of new dramas to get sucked into.

Here are just some of the things we did last year…

And much, much more!

“…Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure a year in the life? How about love?” – Rent

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Why I love Filipino Parties


Rockin the cupcake shirt. My favorite.

Saturday we dropped off Cady at her grandparents’ house I believe sometime around 2 to hang out. Then Tim and I went to the town square to drop off jars of baby food for the food drive and walk around to scout possible portrait locations. We got home at 4 and had an hour to rest before going to a 7 year old’s birthday party at a Filipino family’s house where we consider ourselves practically related.

Actually, the earlier part of the party was the birthday party, and the later part of the party, which went on late into the night, was a boxing match watch party for the Pacquiao-Margarito fight. Some kids left. More adults came. Kids played upstairs. Grown ups downstairs. I talked with some women who knew who my cousin Jessy was and said some very nice things about her. She’s an actress in the Philippines, and I thought it was cool that they knew about her. Before the fight started we were able to watch the Baylor-A&M game, which we (sadly) watched Baylor lose when we got home.

On the bright side, we were with nice people and had lots of great Filipino food. Buko pandan, pancit, lumpia, and Filipino style (sweet) spaghetti (with hot dogs) were my favorites. What’s even better is that when you leave a Filipino party, the hosts always ask you to take home some food since they always prepare way too much even if each of the many guests were to stuff himself excessively. Despite having eaten all the things previously mentioned plus flan, macaroni salad, chicken, dinuguan, rice, caldereta, and pho, I was happy to make a to go plate.

My Tita said, “take whatever you want.”
“Take whatever I want?”

Plate 1 of 3 (not counting the one I took home or the soup).
Pho. Not Filipino, but we like it, too.
Buko pandan.
The birthday cake. I love it! This is from HEB.
They make delicious, beautiful, inexpensive cakes.
My to go plate I snacked on when we got home.
Cady enjoying her new favorite, lumpia, while we finished the football game at home.

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Featured on Swanky Chic Fete!

I have a blog buddy I’ve “known” for a couple of months with a fabulous blog named, Swanky Chic Fete. She just featured Cady’s first birthday party on her blog, so check it out!

When she asked if she could feature Cady’s first birthday party, I was honored! I feel pretty special since this is the first time I’ve ever really been featured on another blog, especially since she is really the hostess with the mostest (check out all the neat details and hard work she puts into gatherings with her friends– they are a lucky bunch)! She also features lots of great shops and design ideas.

P.S. In other cool facts, SCF and I happen to live in the same city, visit some of the same businesses, and are both Filipino. One of these days, we’re bound to run into each other!

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Cady’s First Birthday Party

Here it is finally. The long overdue post of Cady’s much anticipated first birthday. There were too many beautiful photos to post them all, but here are some of the details of the party itself.

I had started thinking about Cady’s August birthday party in January when she was about 5 months old. The birthday cake, smash cake, decorations, gift bags, and party favor bows were all handmade at home with love by Mommy with the help of other family members who were key to making sure everything went smoothly for the big day. Family from West Virginia and California even few in for a few days to celebrate the momentous occasion. There were three different outfits (luckily we were prepared for the messes that would inevitably occur), lots of trips to Michael’s Arts and Crafts, and many party blogs browsed for pink first birthday party ideas.


Sarah Giles, Butterfly Chaser Photography

The Chinese lanterns were purchased from Luna Bazaar
Hobby Lobby: candy jars, Wilton cupcake tower
Ebay: alligator hair clips for DIY hair clips
Dessert stands from Origin Crafts
Tiny pink chairs from Big Lots
Tiny white tables from Ikea

Custom bottled water from Glorious Treats
Party hats from How Does She
Tissue paper poms from Sew Sweet Stitches
Photo garland from Samster Mommy
Fan fold flowers from Pigtails Paper Trails
Bows (party favors) from Mrs. Sassy Crafter

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Cady’s first social event!

Cadence went to her first birthday party for a friend yesterday, and despite being a little cranky and sleepy at times, I think it was a big success. She had a nap before we went, but for some reason she was happy on and off. Maybe it was the bad weather. Regardless, she had a good time watching all the people and seeing the older children run around and play.

On the way to the party (about a 15 minute drive).

At the party.
We brought her toothbrush. Toothbrushes are her favorite toys.
Checking out the goody bag in the car.
A rubber ducky.
All tuckered out.

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1st Birthday Party Planning Obessed

My baby is not even 6 months old yet, and I am obsessed with planning her birthday party. I’ll be planning this longer than some people plan their weddings. “Some people” including my husband and I. I can’t help it. I’m just so excited to celebrate all things Cadence, especially baby’s first year. Don’t get me wrong. She’s growing too quickly, and I don’t want to miss anything. It’s just that I also want to really make the most of all the special times we have and celebrate them in a really big way (although I don’t plan on inviting a lot of people other than family).

Then: 36 weeks pregnant

Now: Over 5 months old

The theme is going to be pink of course, and as for decor, I have ideas about fresh flowers, balloons, framed photos and Martha Stewart Poms.

Also, I love this photo garland from Samster Mommy’s tutorials, and it’s so much better than any plain “Happy Birthday” on a string.
Tim had the great idea of doing cupcakes instead of a big cake because that’s just too much cake for such a young one, so I picked out these invitations from Tiny Prints. I think I want to do some kind of split screen before (newborn) and after (current) look for the photo. Maybe. If it will look good.

It’s better this way because I was feeling a little pressured to make something spectacular, and decorating cupcakes is going to be a lot easier. I think this cupcake stand from Amazon would be perfect. I love the look shown here. I wonder how they made that tutu for the stand and if I can find out how to do it myself.

I haven’t decided how I’d like to top the cupcakes yet. With something edible like this or this or paper? It depends on how much time I want to spend on them. The paper ones are probably the fastest to make and the easiest to care for pre-party. I found a tutorial here that gave me some ideas on how I could do it. I do know I’d like to have easy to eat, yummy foods. I’m not going to cook since I’m sure I’ll have plenty to do as it is, but the Chili’s party platters are looking pretty appetizing to me.

As for her dress, something frilly and pink of course with a matching bow for her perfect little head.

My mom dressed me in fancy girl dresses, and even to this day, when I’m in a store, the things that catch my eye are the items that are sparkly, lacey, pleated, ruffly, and/or has bows or ribbons. In fact, despite being a 25 year old mother with a degree in political science, I was shopping downtown with my sister and found that I really needed to buy what could easily be described as a tutu– for myself! Don’t worry. I won’t be wearing it to the party. I’ll post a pic sometime.

Now, she’s going to need a vinyl bib to dig into that food with. I saw a lot of different, cute cupcake prints at JoAnn (they have more at the live store) that I’m dying to find excuses to use (maybe an apron, too?).

I know. I’m crazy. I’ve put a lot ot thought into this in my free time instead of the other, more productive things I should be doing. Have I forgotten anything? Probably not, although there is plenty of time to change my indecisive mind about things.

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