Goodbye 2010

{ Nutcracker my sister brought back from her winter trip to Germany }

We had some good times. 2010 wasn’t a perfect year (since there probably isn’t such a thing), but it was a wonderful year. We were happy, healthy, and together as a family. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Looking back, I can’t believe how much Cadence has changed and grown up.

I can’t forget to mention that my favorite show to talk about ever, LOST, also ended in 2010. I can’t believe that either. I sometimes get a little sad when I remember it’s over, but we also got Filipino channels in 2010 that have brought me lots of new dramas to get sucked into.

Here are just some of the things we did last year…

And much, much more!

“…Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure a year in the life? How about love?” – Rent

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This Time Last Year

Thanks to SITS and their awesome T2i giveaway, I was looking back at photos from last year’s Halloween, and as always, I’m in disbelief at how much Cadence has grown!

I remember her first Halloween, she was fussy, hot, hungry, sleepy, and cranky. We didn’t go out, but she did wear the costume long enough for a few pictures. Poor kid. I underestimated the what the temperature would be on Halloween, and her grandparents were playing with her too much for her to nap.

Last year:

This year:

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Last Minute Costumes & Halloweentown

Well I originally wanted to make Cady a Dorothy costume this year, but after many attempts at finding her red shoes that fit her chubby feet, I gave up on the whole idea altogether. At the last minute, we bought $3.50 leggings and a cheap size 4t shirt from Walmart, which I quickly cut and sewed into something more fitted the night before we needed it even though I didn’t have matching thread or more bobbins. I already had the black and orange ribbon in my stash, except for the black ribbon ($1 for the roll at Hobby Lobby) I used for Cady’s aligator hair clip (which I bought in bulk on Ebay).

I underestimated her size. You can see here that she’s literally busting out.

For me, I decided to wear all black, put eyeliner on my face, and put on some homemade cat ears to keep it simple, cheap, and easy. Each sheet of felt was a quarter. I already had a hot glue gun, sticks of glue, and the headband which cost $1.50 for two. Cady loves cats, and she recognized exactly what I was!

I told Tim that I’ll start earlier next year (even though I’ve been a lifelong procrastinator). He told me that as of Friday, 50% of adults surveyed who were definitely going to wear costumes still didn’t know what they were going to be for Halloween, and in fact, I wasn’t the only one of my friends scrambling to put a costume together that night.


We had a great time at Halloweentown where Cady loved the excitement and even received a few treats (that we’ll enjoy on her behalf). There was music, a kids costume contest, a dog costume contest, storytellers, and a magician. Everybody looked great in their costumes. It was so much fun, and Cady was so happy and smiled so much.

They closed traffic off the main street, and there were more people than I had ever seen there before. We didn’t know about this event last year. I wonder if it’s like this (or maybe even bigger) during the big Christmas tree lighting.

We had dinner at a hibachi restaurant in the square where you get to pick out your starch, veggies, meat, spices, and sauce, and the chefs grill it up for you (kind of like those yogurt places that are so popular now). It was so good! Kind of reminds me of Kramer’s “make your own pizza” idea from Seinfed. I can’t wait to go back (hopefully next weekend). We even ran into someone whose family we used to go to church with. I’m pretty sure I remember going to his 9th birthday party. Can’t go anywhere in this city without seeing someone you know!

Cady spent most of dinner outside because she couldn’t get enough of the excitement, so the grownups took turns eating and taking her out to enjoy all the fun. Halloween comes but once a year afterall. It was a very special evening (the Baylor football game and spontaneous date after with my hubby were a bonus).

I forgot to turn of the tungsten white balance setting after we left the restaurant, but the effect on the dwindling daylight actually turned out kind of neat.

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I was so thrilled last night after the game, I decided it was too exciting a night not to go out (even though I haven’t gone out in two years). I didn’t know if I would ever go out again, but I didn’t know Baylor would beat UT either! I’m always proud of the bears, but right now, I’m really, really happy for our school!


Taken with our point and shoot. Thank you Mr. Lobster.
My husband’s costume was great for carrying my phone and camera.
Going out together was great. It was like we were on a date 🙂

I spent $.50 on the felt and had everything else. I made the ears Friday night for Halloweentown with Cady (I’ll post pictures soon). In other victories, I had no problems getting into this dress I bought in 2008 from before I had the baby! What an awesome day.

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I just can’t wait for Halloween!

Ever since the “Guess Who?/Sweet Treats” episode of Barney, I’ve been thinking about Halloween and making Cady’s costume like I did last year. This year, I’ve had my plans set on Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I think she would look really cute in anything, but for some reason I’ve had this costume in my head.

It’ll be great because she won’t have to wear a hat, which she hates. Also, it’s still pretty warm during the day to be wearing a full furry suit here on Halloween with an average high of 77. Fleece long sleeves and pants was a mistake last year. I remembered it always being cold on Halloween, but I forgot that was at night only.

I think a single red bow and red Converse would finish it off great and still be comfy.

Now I just have to decide what to make for the dog. Maybe she and Cady can wear matching costumes, and I’ll put the pigtails on her.

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We had decided some time ago that because our baby was a big eater from the very first day, she should be a piglet for Halloween.

Originally I was just going to buy a piglet costume online because I couldn’t find any baby pig outfits in the stores. The problem with that plan was that the sizes online were very vague such as 0-6 months and 6-12 months. That can mean a huge range of different sized babies. Not to mention no sites listed the measurements of these costumes.

I used a Simplicity “easy-to-sew” pattern #5720 for Cady’s costume, and it was easy to sew as advertised indeed. During holiday sales (like the one for Veteran’s Day going on this week) at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Simplicity patterns go on sale to $.99 or $1 from the usual $15.95 of most patterns. These sales are pretty much the only times I buy patterns now that I know about them. I made a pink romper with the piglet hat and used buttons for the piglet face. I also added an elastic strap on for under her chin to make sure the hat stayed on. It fit her pretty well, but I know it’ll be a one time wear. She’s growing way too fast.

Despite having little free time to get any of the things done that I plan/hope/say will get done, I actually managed to finish Cadence’s Halloween costume just in time for the big day. Unfortunately, she doesn’t nap as much as she should when she visits her grandparents. We came to dress her and take her out for church kids event, but she was feeling cranky. We took some pictures in costume and then quickly put her to bed.

It feels good to have some “me” time and feel like I accomplished something by making something myself. I hope to get something else done soon, but I’m the typical Gemini with lots of different projects going on at once. Our sun room has stacks of books, magazines, projects, and “to do” lists that are all competing for my baby-free time after housework and rest, so we’ll see…

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