Bluebonnets, Birthday, and Beach!


Cady didn’t like sitting the bluebonnets even on a towel or on Daddy’s lap. She just wanted to throw rocks in the creek like the big kids.


Quinn was a really good model for me. We walked over to the park one moning while Cady and Daddy were still sleeping. She sat nice and pretty for me even though she really wanted to chase a bird. After photos, we chased the bird together.

Chocolate Cake Strawberries

My Yaya said she wanted a BIG cake for her birthday. Last year’s cake was the size of the first two tiers, so this year had a third tier!


Cady didn’t want to touch the sand with her bare feet, but she loved playing in the sand and in the water. She kept asking for “more, more” and pointing behind us when we were leaving.

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