So Many Treasures at the Park!

We haven’t been getting out of the house much lately. That’s partly due to the fickle weather we’ve been having. One day it will be beautiful and perfect, and the next it will be rainy and freezing. One day we’re using the air conditioning, and the next it’s the heater. Back and forth and back again. Oh Texas. I still love you.

I was really excited for a trip to the park as a family. The weather was nice, and the lighting was just the right mix of sun and clouds for taking pictures even without any shade.

Cady’s favorite part of the playground is not the play but the ground. She loves mulch, rocks, or even rubber– whatever it is they use to cushion the ground for kids to play on. She was digging in the pebbles, building what she calls “sand castles,” and finding all sorts of treasures like a shell and a dirty Capri Sun straw that she put in her mouth before we had a chance to take it away. It immediately went in the trash after that of course. She must have had quite a good time because she took a nap soon after getting home even though she had woken up late yesterday.

The leaf is the flag of her “sand castle.”

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  1. Oh Gabby, your pictures are so amazing. Love them!

  2. I’m not sure whether it’s pending or not; my comments never appear on your site.

  3. aww.. i really miss reading about little ms cady!! hope you’ll update about your precious soon!!