The new blog!

Woohoo! Thanks to Jessica at Southtown Creative I now have a snazzy new blogsite and a new photography site. I love the promises a new year brings. Planning and dreaming big are among my favorite things to do, so I’m excited to already have the wheels in motion. There were also so many times when I wanted to write about something that happened, but I was like, ehhh my blog is has been so neglected it’s like watering a wilted flower. Now it has new life. I may not post every day like I did when I was really active on my blog, but I think it will be better this way with more meaningful posts. At least that’s what I hope! I’ve got a lot of big plans for the new year (don’t I always) like a 365 (366 for leap year) project and some big surprises, so stay tuned!

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