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I got an exciting new toy yesterday, and I’m in love! We had an Amazon gift card that we agreed to split, and I couldn’t easily think of what to do with most of my half. I got a 5-in1- reflector right away, but didn’t know what else I wanted.

Also, it’s been bumming me out for a while now that I can’t take pictures inside, and since the weather has been horrrrrrrrible most days in Texas, we’ve been stuck indoors way too much for picture-taking. Well now I don’t have to only be outside to take photos nor do I have to settle for washed out flash photos. I didn’t get a Speedlite either. *drumroll please* It’s a Lightscoop!

Even though I’d like to get a Speedlite eventually, it just isn’t in the budget for the immediate future unless I’d like to sacrifice making other purchases first. Anyway, the Lightscoop is only about $30, fits on the hotshoe of my camera, and reflects the light from my built-in flash onto the ceiling! It won’t work with high/dark ceilings, and you’ll need a light colored wall just 3-4 ft away to do a vertical shot. It’s not meant to work outside, but I saw someone post photos of shots taken outside with it. It’s so great, you just never know! I would definitely recommend checking out the product site and the Flickr group where users have uploaded sample photos taken with a Lightscoop.

I took a bunch yesterday morning after taking it out of the box. These aren’t great photos since I just snapped away randomly to play with my new toy while Cady was going through her morning routine (milk and Barney), but I did a lot of before and after shots to give an idea of what a big difference it makes.

These are what the shots look like straight out of camera:






Did I mention that I took these photos INSIDE while it was DARK and RAINING out? Yes, our prayers for rain in Texas have been answered, and I was still able to take photos in our home. Fantastic.

I played around with my settings a bit after initially taking photos with the exact settings on the instructions. It says to shoot wide open, but that can vary from lens to lens.

Just to note, I took these in room with yellow lights on, hence the warmth in the photos. I didn’t use the warm version of the Lightscoop. These were taken with the standard version.

P.S. I was even thinking these would be great for taking pictures of food for cakes since there’s never enough light when I try to shoot those inside!

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  1. That is awesome! Reminds me of this, too: which I have yet to try. But if that doesn't work, I'll definitely give Lightscoop a try. Thanks for the review!

  2. I think I need to buy this!

  3. Wow that is very cool! I'll have to check this out for a future gift for DH 🙂 Amazing pics by the way 🙂

  4. Hi Gabby!I just wanted to stop by your blog and see how you're doing! I miss your blog posts and hope you and your family are doing well!God bless,kells

  5. The difference in details is amazing!!

  6. Wow! That is definitely on my Christmas list now!