Cady can be really good, but she can also get into trouble really fast. It had literally been 10 seconds that nobody was looking at her when she ended up behind the entertainment center. She was fine until Tim tried to extract her, and that’s when she fell and scraped her head.


The scrape has been getting better, but it’s been grossing me out when I look at her scab. I mentioned to Tim that it’s getting smaller. He said something like, yeah, little pieces of it are falling off and going everywhere (I assume he means like dust). EEWWWWW!

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  1. Awe poor thing, glad to see she is okay!! Kids can definitely move fast and can get into some sticky situations very very quick!!

  2. Oh sweet girl! W has been falling all over the place! He's an early walker so I guess his coordination isn't totally there yet!

  3. poor little mamas. the thing i have quickly learned about children is they can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. and that picture is such a cute momma moment

  4. Oh, poor Cady! Glad to know that it's getting better and that Cady's okay.

  5. oh poor baby!

  6. Geez…Hope she gets better quick. =) Allysa had and still am getting herself into trouble. Haa…I just have to shadow her everywhere she goes nw.

  7. Oh poor sweet little girl…. 🙁

  8. Aww baby girl is super cute, even all scabby. xo