Keeping It Simple

I haven’t written a real post in a while. I haven’t been in the mood to blog. It was just one thing after another I guess. Carpal tunnel issues that haven’t been healed, falling too far “behind,” and not liking my layout design. I figured I’ll try keeping it simple. Just post what I want when I want and not worry about “catching up” or anything else because I’ve really wanted to start again. I do have some stories I want to document before I forget the details. As for the blog itself, I’m not sure what my plans are for it yet.

Cady in deep thought about my blog. No, not really. She is just serious sometimes when she’s eating.


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  1. :)she has such pretty eyes!I go back and forth. something not wanting to blog and thinking I am DONE with it, then the blogging bug will hit. Sometimes I want to read others, but not write one, sometimes I have a lot to say, but don't feel like commenting on anyone's, sometimes I just need a place to keep a list.

  2. Oh can so totally relate!! I miss reading about your life and Cady’s. Sorry, but Im not a stalker, yeah? Hee..but Cady is too cute! So plsss…dun stop blogging n posting Cady’s pics. I have been thru phrase like this – many times. N I thk it’s perfectly alright to take a “Blog Break” and come back, rejuvenated and ready to blog again. Well, most imptly identify ur purpose of blogging. As u said, kp it simple and you, and you wldnt find u have to fight to blog just for the sake of it. Prob that makes u happier w/o the concerns. I have also contemplated to purchase those girly blog templates or pay to get mine nicely design. hahaa…it’s like everybody has a nice looking blog and you want one too. Gabby, hang on there…looking forward to more great posts. And take care and hope u get well really soon.

  3. Sometimes I blog and sometimes I don't….. I don't make it a "have to"…..

  4. I hate it when you blog because you feel like you have to, it shouldn't feel that way. I have dry periods but then I remember some the people I've met through my site and some of the friendships I've made!It makes it all worthwhile!

  5. Look at that gorgeous catchlight! I love how her eyes sparkle in this shot! SO cute!

  6. Your daughter is gorgeous! What an amazing photo… wish I had your camera skills! 🙂