Boo Blogger

Everytime I go to a blog (even from my own dashboard or a comment on my blog), Google asks me to sign in, but no matter what, it says I’m not signed in. What gives? Anyone else having this problem? I really want to start blogging again, but it seems that Blogger and Flickr (for other reasons) are making it difficult for me.

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  1. I'm not having that problem, but I'm sorry you are. Would restarting your computer help?

  2. Oh, sorry you're having that problem. I've never encountered this kind of problem, but hopefully everything goes well soon cause we've missed you blogging.:)

  3. This happens to be when I use Explorer (I use version 8) but in Mozilla Firefox it works just fine. So if you are using Explorer try using Firefox and see if that allows you to log in!

  4. Me too! I am having the same issue and then Flickr is causing problems too. My pics are disappearing. It's frustrating when you have a moment of inspiration and can't get it out! 🙂