We started our Easter celebration by attending church Saturday night. We’ve tried out the Saturday services a few times, and it’s great because there’s much less of a crowd and it leaves more room for new Sunday folks. I’m not sure how many services they had on Sunday (there are usually two), but the usual one Saturday service was offered at three different times Easter weekend.

Cady’s sleep schedule had been off all week, and she had been on and off as far as her mood was concerned and ended up sleeping through the sermon in the car after Daddy drove her around a little.

Then we went out to eat, but her and Tim spent most of their time visiting the ducks at a lake behind the restaurant where they discovered a nest of duck eggs and lots of baby ducklings while my parents, my sister, and I ate dinner.

Cady Easter
Sunday Tim hid our plastic eggs in the front yard of my parents’ house while my mom and I both snapped pictures and he attempted to record on video Cady finding the eggs. However, after showing her what to do, she wanted him to be her personal egg hunting assistant.

Cady Easter

Cady Easter

Cady Easter

Cady Easter
The eggs were filled with coins even though she doesn’t know their use since she loves putting coins in her piggy bank. She hasn’t had real candy yet and doesn’t know what it is. She isn’t too big on sweets yet, but she was very happy to see she had plenty of new coins for the game of dropping them into the slot in the pink piggy.

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  1. She's so adorable and I love her dress!

  2. so much fun! what a doll. love her dress 🙂

  3. So sweet! I love her little dress. We didn't let our boy have Candy until he was well over a year old. This was his first Easter getting candy in his eggs. Though he would have loved coins. He loves putting them in his pocket!Glad you had a wonderful Easter 🙂

  4. Gosh, Nathaniel probably had his first candy when he was almost a year old. Now he knows the look and sound of a candy wrapper!Cadence is such a pretty little girl. Cute dress and great photos!

  5. Oh my- she is to adorable & that dress is so pretty. What a perfect Easter day!

  6. I agree with everyone her little dress is just stunning….and what a darling little girl to wear such a pretty dress!

  7. Your munchkin is sooooooo ADORABLE! Love the pics.Happy Thursday!

  8. What a cutie!! i love her dress… sounds like you had a great Easter 🙂

  9. She is so adorable! Looks like she had fun! Great Pictures!

  10. Cady is adorable as always! Love her cute little dress!:)

  11. Thank you for stopping by and leaving comment on my blog~Your daughter Cady is such a cutie! And very nice photographs too!xoxohttp://findingwaveland.blogspot.com/