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One of the best parts of going out of town is eating! I took pictures of some of our eats, of course. I always wonder if people think I’m strange when I do this. I see lots of food pictures on Facebook, so it seems really common. I still have that nagging feeling though. Oh well!

Mmmmmm… Bacon…


I can’t go to California without at least one stop at Goldilocks, a popular restaurant and bakery chain from the Philippines. This is “Bistek Tagalog” (beef steak).

Bistek Tagalog

I love döner kebabs. They used to be my Friday treat after school each week when I lived in France.

Döner kebab

I love crepes, especially with nutella. This also had strawberry, banana, and a side of whipped cream. My only complaint was that the guy making them was verrrrrrry slow. I didn’t know if he was new, if that was just his style, or if that’s how they always make them at California Crepes. The guys who make them in Paris could whip them up impressively quick.

California Crepes

In & Out Burger. My husband’s favorite. I was surprised when I went in and saw such a small selection on the menu, but I did enjoy my burger. The fries were just okay. The price was very good though. I heard they’re opening one (or have opened one) in Dallas, which leads me to think they’ll start opening them in other parts of Texas (I read they previously stayed in the west coast because they only use their meat processing plants).

In & Out Burger

When we went to Horton Plaza, I really liked how their mall food court didn’t just have the same boring stuff we do like Taco Bell (ick), McDonald’s (boring), two bourbon chicken places that have literally the exact same menu options, Sbarro, Dippin’ Dots, an ice cream shop and a teriyaki place. Yeah, they had the same teriyaki place, but they also had Indian food, Turkish food, crepes, gelato, and a lot of other places I didn’t know back home. I wonder if all the malls in California are like that.

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  1. Great photos! Food photography is definitely one of my favorites because they don't move! 🙂

  2. Ummm- YUM is all I can really say 🙂

  3. Nope, not all the malls in CA are like Horton Plaza ;)I love In N Out…. I've missed it so much and I'm thrilled they are opening one here in Frisco. We're going to be the first one in Texas I think they said. It opens in May!!

  4. Mmmmmm!!! YUM is all I can say too!!!Happy Friday!