The Little Gym

I’ve been taking Cadence out more, keeping her busy, and giving her opportnities to interact with other children just like I had resolved to this new year. After taking a free trial class at The Little Gym, we knew we wanted to sign Cady up for the rest of the semester. They run, jump, sing, and tumble. There’s playing with bouncy balls, and the teacher fills the room with bubbles. Everything about it is fun for Cady, and we get to do it together. After the first class she actually asked me to take a nap, and after the next week’s class she took a three hour nap! Both nights she slept really well, too.



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  1. oh my goodness, she is seriously adorable.

  2. Anything that helps 'em nap is GOOD!LOLglad she is enjoying it…(and I don't know how my boys are turning out OK- with me as their mom, I figured they were doomed… God is Good- even when I am messed up)

  3. so cute and fun!

  4. her toes are sooo cute!

  5. She's too adorable! Love her little tummy spilling out! LOL!

  6. i remember those days when mine were littles! she is super cute and will have so much fun at the little gym!oh, and thanks so much for visiting my blog the other day. i appreciate that. have a great weekend.xo,alely

  7. so cute! I hope to put my little girl in something like that when she gets older! 🙂 I am glad that she seems to enjoy it & that she is sleeping well afterwards!

  8. What fun! Love the little belly button shot!

  9. I love the little belly! How adorable.

  10. I linked to you in my blog entry!

  11. What a doll! Those pictures are adorable.

  12. Isn't that super cute- how fun for her.

  13. We go to the Bugs class and love it!