Playground Playdate & Passing Milestones


We met up with some friends at a playground. Cady’s friend (23 months) was really independent and not afraid to run a distance from her parents or all over the playground equipment by herself, and I thought it was hard to catch Cady for a shot.



Cady on the other had wanted us to stay close, moved slower, asked for help, and checked everything out first, which lucky for me made her easier to photograph. It’s funny how kids can be so different.



They were in the same place, but they didn’t actually play together. They just played near each other. I’ve noticed this with all the kids about Cady’s age from our recent experiences. It’s one of the characteristics listed for a tot this old. From what I’ve read, Cady fits them to a T (whatever that even means).


– separation anxiety
– scribbles with pens
– walks quickly/runs
– can dump an object out of bottle/container
– builds a tower or two or three blocks
– can walk on steps one step at a time
– follows simple directions
– gives kisses
– listens to stories
– names objects
– points to several body parts

This is the part where she gets the idea to start making mud angels.
Don’t know how she comes up with this stuff.


I’m pretty sure her vocabulary might actually be larger than 15-20 words, but I’d have to sit down and write all the words she says with understanding to know for sure. She has a few two word sentences like “no more” or “more [fill in the blank],” and she might have a couple three word sentences if you count, “dog go woof woof woof.”


Tim & Cady

Sweet Shot Day

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  1. Amazing photos! I especially love the "artistic" ones.I wish we lived closer. We'd so be at the playground all the time with our little ones (and taking their photos too of course!).

  2. I love the one with the colorful railing. It pops perfectly!

  3. Lovely photos as always. I love the 2nd last. Sounds like Cady is building up her vocab. =)

  4. Ruffles and dirt; there's nothing better!

  5. What a sweet series of photographs!

  6. Great photos! Mud angels are just pure imagination. The last 2 photos are my favorites!

  7. These are priceless! the combination of tutu and mud is classic. Awesome.

  8. Oh she is cute. She just fanned the flames of the baby fever I fight off occasionally!

  9. These are all fantastic, but I LOVE the second to last. So cute!

  10. So cute! What a cute it and your photos are perfect!

  11. Oh, that is so sweet. Great shots. The BW ones are really, really nice. What is it with children and dirt??? Love your swing-shot too for Shutter Love.Erika B

  12. Love these so much!

  13. Cute shots! I love how she is just a tiny little person! She looks grow up in some but with her toddler innocence!

  14. Well those 2 look like they tore it up & had a blast- What a couple of cuties!

  15. yes, it harder to get pictures when they run all over the pace- quickly. Connor is our hardest to take pictures- because he is like a dragonfly- always darting from place to place- hovers just long enough for me to focus the camera (or get it up to me eye)- but has darted before I can take a picture.

  16. Beautiful photos! Love every single one of them!Have a nice day!

  17. so precious! I love the little purple tutu!

  18. So cute! Love your photos! I love the one with the colorful railing. Custom Patches

  19. Love ALL the photos.Cute, cute, cute 'models'