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I’ve gotten that feeling that I know happens to a lot of bloggers. You go away for a little while for one reason or another, and then it seems like so much has happened to catch up. The more behind you are the more overwhelming it seems, but at the same time, you want to record what happened because you don’t want to forget. That’s what this log is for to begin with.

My right arm has been really hurting despite using my left hand for everything I can do one-handed. Don’t know what I’ll do about it yet. In the mean time, my husband is doing a lot of typing and checking things online for me along with a lot of other little things when he’s home. I’ve been kind of bummed on and off that I’m not doing all the things I’d like to be doing when I’m bored at home, especially since I had such a long list of goals for the new year that is being put off until later. On the bright side, I’ve still been doing a lot that I planned on doing like getting out more.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve been up to lately…

I took family photos for a friend.

Ybarra Family

After our photo shoot, we all went to Cici’s pizza, which was Cady’s first time. Also, she’s been wanting to wear pearls lately to copy me.


I made cupcakes for my sister’s 21st birthday.

Pink Mini Rose Cupcakes

We hung out at the lake where the ducks like to hang out before we went to a rodeo themed playdate party with the playgroup we recently joined.


Then in more news, we visited toddler time at the library for the first time. We also did a free trial class at the The Little Gym and have since decided to sign up.

Cady also had her 18 month checkup, and she is BIG– 29.4 pounds!
Weight: 95th percentile
Height: 97th percentile
Head: 97th percentile

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  1. i miss your posts!

  2. Miss reading your posts, too. Cady does look so big. She looks as though she was almost 2 years old!

  3. I miss your posts too but glad that I can still stalk you at Facebook 🙂 I'm glad you and Cady have been able to go out a lot and I hope your arm feels better soon.Cady is such a big and healthy toddler! Nathaniel has a well baby visit in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see where he stands—probably still at the bottom 10% percentile!

  4. I'm glad you took the time to catch us up! I love the pearls and cowboy hat. Too cute! You are so talented with the cupcakes! They are gorgeous!

  5. Too cute for words. Your photos are amazing. I hope your arm feels better.

  6. Your cupcakes looks fantastic! I would love getting some tips.