Weekend Update


Tim and I had a really great lunch date in the city while the baby was with my parents. He suggested a place he thought I’d like because of their delicious beignets. I’m glad we made reservations even though I thought they’d be empty at 3 in the afternoon because there was actually quite a long wait. We requested on the reservation a table by the window since I had never been before (Tim had only been at night), but the whole dining room turned out to be bathed in great natural light from the large windows. It was such a pretty restaurant even the hallway leading up to bathrooms was lovely.

Grand Luxe

Grand Luxe

Grand Luxe

Grand Luxe

Grand Luxe

Grand Luxe

Grand Luxe

[ Tim’s big salad ]

Grand Luxe

[ I’m usually more interested in the small bites ]

Grand Luxe

[ creme bruelee duo ]

Grand Luxe

[ round instead of rectangular beignets ] ~~~~~In other news:

Cady threw up from coughing too hard again. This time she was already asleep in bed, so it made a big mess and kept us all up late. It wasn’t too bad though. After a little crying, she calmed down, and we let her watch a little Barney to cheer her up while we cleaned everything and had a good laugh as to how the throw up magically made it into the bathroom.

Tim, “maybe some flew in there.”
Me as I gestured the path it would’ve had to have taken, “it flew out and turned the corner??”

My carpal tunnel has been hurting a lot the last couple of days, so I shouldn’t be at the computer at all, but I’m so behind on returning comments. I made a mental list one night when the pain kept me from sleeping of the things I’m allowed to do on the computer from now on (like writing posts) and the things I’m not allowed to do (aimlessly browsing Facebook). I’ll really be stringent on my time online in the next couple days since my Photoshop class is starting online on Wednesday (yay I’ll finally learn how to edit), and I’ll really need use of my hands to learn, practice and complete assignments.

My husband pointed out that I frequently have typos in my blog. I’m kind of embarassed. I’m not dumb. Honestly. I’ve just been sleep deprived for the last 18 months and probably rushing when I type a little here and there at few minutes at a time to add to an entry before I post it. I know. Excuses, excuses. Maybe I’ll have him proof read my posts from now on (because he just has so much free time– not really).

My contacts came in the mail, and I saved $70 by buying it from 1800Contacts and getting a 6 month supply. Not advertising. Just excited about any money saved.

Tim helped me make Valentine’s Day red velvet cupcakes for a mommy/baby party tomorrow, so that I wouldn’t have to do too much work with my hands. I took a nap because of a headache, and when I woke up, he had come home with fried chicken because he knows it’s my favorite and didn’t want me to have to cook dinner, and he also got eggs to make the cupcakes for me.

To all my bloggy friends, I really appreciate your support. I will read and comment back on your blogs and am always working on it a little at a time even though I’m currently and frequently behind. I will also return the favor to my blog buds who have added my button to their sites. I know I’m late on that as well.

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  1. Yay for grandparents who babysit and hubbys who bake! Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day!

  2. The restaurant has great architectures and the food looks great! I hope you two had a great Valentine's Day date.Do you use Mozilla or IE? Mozilla automatically spell checks for you so that could help with the typos.Good luck with the online class and don't forget to give us pointers!

  3. The restaurant looks great! I hope your CTS feels better soon. xoxo

  4. I've never noticed any typos, so no worries. I know I have them. I think we will give you some grace in the matter.

  5. WOA! That restaurant looks gorgeous! And the food; oh my! I think I drooled a bit at the big salad. Yum!