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My carpal tunnel type pains have been improving so long as I don’t do too much with my hands, which is tough since that’s nearly everything. Tim got me an ergonomic keyboard, which is pretty nice. Texas got really cold, and we had rolling blackouts due to all the energy use. The predicted snow never made it to our area, and all the kids (and grownups) were pretty disappointed, but Cady maintained a good attitude (since she didn’t know what was going on).


Tim and I went to a certain big camera store for the first time, which was pretty busy, just to look around, and we met a minister in the parking lot who was parked next to us, happened to notice him and I both graduated from the same Baptist university (I have a sticker on the back of my car), and wanted to meet me and Tim/invite us to his church.


My sister was on the front page of the local section of the newspaper for some great work she did at her university. Tim took me shopping, and besides buying clothes for the baby of course, I actually got a couple of things for myself, which I’ve rarely done since having the baby.


Also, we went to a new Asian market near us, which I really like even though they didn’t have everything our previous store does because it was really organized, had great crab, had good deals on a couple of my favorite items, and is conveniently located. The Yan-Yan were on the bottom shelf and had Hello Kitty on them, so of course, Cady tried to take every single one. She made the cashiers go crazy when we were leaving with all of her waving and blowing kisses.

Cady and Tim

I almost forgot. The JoAnn Fabrics near us is closing (re-locating to a bigger store), and they’re getting rid of everything, which means big savings. I paid $21 and saved $262! Patterns were $.50 a piece with no limit!

Tim and Quinn

I’ve just been doing the usual mommy stuff, except much less time at my computer during my “me time” while the baby is asleep. I’m ever so slowly catching up on comments and spending most of my leisure time in books. I’m currently at my online request limit for our local libraries online catalogue, and my virtual “book bag” (wish list) is maxed out, too, while I wait for my requests to become available.

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  1. 99 ranch? was there the wknd they opened ~ it was crazy!

  2. hi! beautiful little family you have! here from FTLOB and i'm having such a great time finding great blogs to read. you're pictures are great and i'm glad you were able to visit that asian grocery store. we just had one open up near our house. a real big market one…very rare in these parts. i'm from CA where asian markets are in abundance but so much here in charlotte.anyhoo, i'm your newest follower! happy to meet you!

  3. your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! Yay for Jo Anns I'm a little jealous here in my green suit of envy ahahah

  4. It's so funny what you said I haven't bought anything for me since 2008. Everything is for the girls:)A new follower

  5. How is your carpel tunnel? I hope you're feeling much better!Cady is adorable, as always! I love her Barney shirt. I was a Barney fanatic growing up! ;)And you spent $21 and saved over $200?!?! Holy cow! That's awesome!

  6. Gabby, glad to hear that your carpel tunneling is getting better! (Phew!) I know how it feels like when the Doc even suggest you to "rest your hands/arms". I mean, it is totally impossible, especially for stayhome mums! And good to see that you're doing more besides blogging. =D By the way, what kind of lens do you use for the photo that you took of Tim? I always like such effects but my current DSLR (basic one) does not give me that.

  7. Oh wow, carpo tunnel is horrid. I have a little bit of it from playing the clarinet and piano. Hoping that you'll get even better over time! However, what cute cute pics and you definitely hit a MAJOR sale! Lucky you!!! 🙂 Can't wait to read more about all of your fun projects that will be happening soon. THANKS so much for linking up! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, your daughter is a little dollie! What a precious little gal – so sweet! 😉 (The pictures in your header are fabulous too!) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂