Being A Mom

Cady was actually coughing so much when she woke up that she threw up. A lot. Chunks. On the sofa, her blanky, pajamas, and my pillow.

It made me laugh at myself on the inside while I cleaned up and tried not to breathe in my nose or let myself think about how gross it was or my stomach would hurt. I was thinking, “being a mom is kind of gross sometimes.” I had to rinse everything off and put them in the tub until Tim comes home and re-connects the washing machine connection that was allowed to drip over night due to the freezing temps.

Our living room smells like throw up and Febreeze. Mostly throw up.

Don’t worry. Her cough is kind of pathetic in the morning and at night, but Shorty’s ok.

[ It seems like a couple other moms are having similar experiences this morning. Diana from Find Your Happiness said, “It’s throw up day!” ]


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  1. I hope Cady feels better soon. And I am totally with you on motherhood being gross sometimes. Changing a dirty diaper still makes me sick sometimes. lol.

  2. You're an amazing mom.

  3. Bad coughing always makes baby throw up. Hope she feels better soon. And I agree with you that it is gross being mother sometimes.

  4. I hope she feels better soon! Being a mommy isn't always glamorous and I totally agree…sometimes it is just downright gross!

  5. Awww poor Cady! I hope she feels better soon!You are a wonderful mom! 🙂

  6. Awww, that picture is just precious!

  7. Awww.. poor Cady(& mommy)and I voted! thanks for not posting a Puke Picture.

  8. Poor lil bebe. Hope it all gets better soon. And that your house loses the throw up smell, that can't be pleasant. 🙂

  9. Beautiful picture. You are truly such a genuine person and wonderful mama! :)xoxoKatie

  10. Wow! I love this close up shot of Cady. Beautiful! Allysa throws up quite a fair bit whenever she gets choked on water from her sippy cup. And when she did, it came out in a huge GUSH! (even from her nose I swear) Of course, I tried to stay calm and not frightened her with my screams of worry. It pains n frightens me when I see her does that. Like you said, I can't imagine how painful it is on her tummy when she throws all the milk she drank back out! And not to mention, the cleaning up bit was…eh…not to desirable too! =D