A Cool Day at the Park

I decided to start my study of possible portrait locations with my husband as my first posing subject. I don’t consider the baby one since I have to capture her in a purely photojournalistic style. She doesn’t pose. She just does what she does, and I’m on my own as far as making the picture happen. She’s a baby. Not a model. I’m happy with that.

So far we’ve been focusing my area of study at a park. There is a lot at that park, and there are many spots where I could put someone for pictures. I think I’ve barely scratched the surface of it, and I’m looking forward to going back to continue my study of it as well as trying out other locations.

We started off by running a couple of errands and eating lunch. Then I just let my husband play his guitar while I took his pictures. Every once and a while, I’d ask him to move to a new spot. Just twice I asked him to turn a certain way or move his foot, but I figured I’d mostly let him pose naturally the way he would while playing.

I really enjoyed myself, and it put me in a good mood. We wouldn’t be able to do something like that most days since at least one person would have to be watching Cady, but she was hanging out with my parents. Plus it was another not so crowded day because of the weather. Cold, cloudy days are not so popular there, but I like them for taking pictures.








For those that wonder where Cady got the red in her hair, it’s from Tim’s beard! It’s like a calico cat. I told him it represents his past, present, and future hair colors (red, brown, white).


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  1. Great pictures! I love the one with the reflection in the water!And the calico cat reference made me laugh! 🙂

  2. You take beautiful pictures!

  3. Beautiful pictures, especially the one with the reflection in the water! I love pictures with nature as the background!

  4. Great photos! My husband's maternal grandfather is a full blown redhead and Dean inherited it through his beard, too. Hahaha!

  5. awesome job with the pics * impressive 🙂

  6. WOW! Such awesome pics!! Love the one with the reflection.Have a nice day!

  7. Wow! I love those shots, Gabby. It's very natural and I love the colours. I see where you are heading to =D Nice try! Will look forward to more amazing work from you soon.

  8. Your daughter is a beauty and your pictures are stunning. Now following you

  9. You take really great photos!!!Jill

  10. The photos are great. I especially love the reflection on the water. Good Job!

  11. reflection pictures are my favorites, reflections in water, on sunglasses, in dew drops, whatever~P.S.I have an award for you/your blog. stop by to pick it up……

  12. I love these pictures!