Z Family “Photoshoot”

Alicia and Ray

{ Alicia and her husband, Ray }

For Christmas, a friend from high school arranged for me to come visit her family at her husband’s grandmother’s house to take their photos. I was really nervous and tried to refer to professional photographers I know who are in the area, but she had a lot of faith in me and was really interested in me taking the photos.

I was a little worried since was a new experience for me. I take mostly candid photos of the baby, sometimes pictures of our food, and a few photos of my family here and there. All people, places, and things that I’m familiar with. Here I was in a new situation with new people in a new place. Also, since it was a special time because everyone was together including relatives from out of town and out of state, I really wanted it to turn out well.

We shot inside since the time that everyone was able to meet was midday, really bright, and a lot of light even inside. I wasn’t sure how to pose everyone, but luckily, my friend Alicia new exactly what she wanted and had lots of great ideas. She was the one directing the group, and that helped me out a lot.

As soon as I left I thought of things I could’ve done better and would think of more once I saw the photos. I definitely didn’t know what to expect when I looked at them at home, but they actually turned out fairly well. It wasn’t anywhere near the work of the professional photographers I have seen, but I could at least send her the nearly 200 shots to choose which ones they liked best.

I didn’t know what she would think when she saw them, but luckily, about a day after my confirmation email from USPS that it was received, she sent me a very happy Facebook message with a good review. Yay.

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  1. what a great experience! and fun, too. That was good that your friend already knew what she wanted and took some of that pressure off you.I am sure your pictures were GREAT, they always are!(voted for your blog)

  2. You are too cute lady! You really did such a great job and I am so thankful that you were there to capture such wonderful moments for us:)So hopefully if this is something you want to continue I would give a definite two thumbs up!!!

  3. i want to see more! youre getting good at this! {btw, i still have your goodies….today was not a great day to go out, we all overslept}!

  4. The picture looks amazing! I'm sure you did a great job 🙂

  5. the picture looks beautiful! love it!grace

  6. Great job! The photo looks wonderful!

  7. Good job, you need to have more confidence in your photography skills, I really think that you are a great photographer and it shows in your photos. Congratulations for a job well done! 🙂

  8. You did a wonderful job! 🙂 It looks wonderful and great!*THUMBS UP*

  9. That picture looks really great and I'm sure the other ones look just as wonderful! Great job!

  10. See they all agreed that you are truly talented. Thank you again! Plus he's kind of a hottie so it's all good:)hehe