We were going to accompany Tim on an errand downtown, but the office he was going to closed about 45 minutes before we arrived. I mean, who expects an office to close at 1pm? We decided to go to a nearby park area and play for a little while. It hardly seemed fair to put Cady back in the car when it took us so long to get there.


Things going on lately:
– Last night Cady had a nightmare that we took away something she wanted. She was crying and saying, “gimme, gimme!”
– This afternoon she had a bad dream that Daddy was going somewhere. She was crying the way she does when he leaves and saying, “My dada! My dada!”
– Today she took my brand new shoe that was a gift from my parents out of the box, which was also in a shopping bag and was trying to put it on (the wrong foot at first).
– As soon as Cady wakes up or comes home, she goes to the couch, gets the remote, and says, “Barney. More. More,” while doing the sign for more. I know she’s a little too obsessed now.
– As of this week, she has been pointing to her diaper when something is happening down there. At first she told us during. Then most recently she told us before. I don’t know who taught her this, but I’m impressed.

Cady “Stay a child while you can be a child.” Stephen Sondheim

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  1. aw she's so cute!! 🙂 It would break my heart to hear her say that while having a nightmare. Love the sunglasses 😀

  2. Adorable Pictures! As Always!! I love your new button.(voted)Nightmares are sad in little kids…. hope she has a good night!

  3. heheheh love your new button :))

  4. Love the new look! 🙂

  5. Geez, I hope Cady grew out of her nightmare phase soon. Love her in the shades too. Too cute! ^^

  6. how cute are those pics!!??

  7. Love her shoes!

  8. OMG she kills me! Those glasses are adorable. She sounds so smart too. If she is pointing to her diaper that's an awesome sign. My advice is to potty train early, we waited too long and then it became a struggle. If she likes tv then get the Once Upon a Potty video and let her watch it!

  9. Oh my goodness. She is so cute I can not even stand it. Seriously. That outfit kills me. Fantastic : ) I think she is a genius!

  10. Wow!! What a beautiful little girl. Your blog is great!

  11. Great quote and such a cute little girl! Love her little outfit!

  12. What a beautiful little girl. Love the outfit and I know she really lights up your world.

  13. Too adorable! Love the quote too.Happy Sunday Citar!

  14. Great post, smart baby, and cute… Blessings to you!

  15. She is darling!Thanks for linking up this week… happy Sunday 🙂

  16. Awww, babies and nightmares should never mix, bless her heart. She is a doll… and so smart. I think we should all stay like a child! 🙂 Great quote and post.