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My husband got me Photoshop Elements 9 for Christmas. I was debating on whether or not I’d put that or one of Adobe’s other photo editing softwares on my wishlist since it seems like the other programs are the ones for serious photographers. Well, I decided that Elements 9 would be plenty for my needs for a while, and now I just need to learn how to use it.

I’ve heard before that the learning curve for their programs are steep, but I’m willing to try. There are so many things I’d like to be able to do that I currently can’t. I used to use Photoshop Elements 5 just to remove blemishes, but since I realized I can do it on Picasa, I’ve been using that.

Picasa is pretty easy to use for someone like myself who doesn’t yet understand the details and technicalities of photo editing. My pictures are either straight out of camera (SOOC as I see photographers calling it), or enhanced with the “I’m feeling lucky” button on Picasa. If the “I’m feeling lucky” button makes it look worse, I undo it. I try “auto contrast” and be done with it.

I know. I’m kind of a caveman in the subject of photo editing. In fact, I only started doing it more recently, and my old photos have nothing done to them. I look back and think, “that could’ve been better.”

I know photos have to be good in the camera. I know that spending hours correcting photos on the computer is not what I want to do. However, it would be nice to enhance some of the photos that need a little help. I was reading a blog earlier that showed the before and after of how some “mediocre” photos that would’ve been in the “delete pile” could still be saved using editing.

Even just “I’m feeling lucky” has added some life back into really old photos from when I was a kid that I recently scanned and would like to save digitally.

Plus, there’s just some neat stuff I’ve seen that I’d like to be able to do, too.

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  1. So I found your blog through A Sorta Fairytale and I think it's just precious! I love the look and feel and design.And I felt the same way you did not too long ago about editing. And as I slowly started to learn what each tool did, I discovered that life can be brought back to some old photos. I like the look of unedited but good… but it took and is still taking me a while to learn, but thanks to Blog tutorials and Youtube Videos, it makes learning so much easier!

  2. I initially wanted to be Computer Scientist in high school so I took a bunch of science, math, and computer related classes. One of them is Web Design where we maintained our entire school district township website ( That's where I learned to use Adobe Photoshop and some CSS. I guess my point is, it will take a while to understand how to use these programs because even now (seven years later), there's still a lot I do not know how to do in Photoshop. And recently, I'm trying to learn about Lightroom 3. I've thought about purchasing Elements because I've been told it's almost a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop.Your photos are great, even the SOOC!

  3. I got PSE 9 too! I'm just learning about it and it's not as hard as I thought!

  4. Ya know – I look at editing as more of an art and I love to use PS to create my own style. Yes, you should try your best to achieve a great photo in camera, but nearly every professional processes their files in some way or another. Just like photography, it just takes a bit of practice. You'll get the hang of it, and if I can help…just let me know.