People always ask me…

“What color is Cady’s hair?”


Photo by Sarah Giles, Butterfly Chaser Photography from Cady’s first birthday party.

When she was born, it was definitely brown, but as she got older it seemed to get lighter and redder, which is the opposite of what I always hear about. Her aunt has red hair, and her dad did when he was a baby. Hers could always change back when she gets older. Some people probably don’t notice the red at all because sometimes it looks like “light ash brown” (according to a box of hair dye). The ones who do notice usually ask me about it (probably because I’m Asian and my hair is black). 

I’m not really sure what color it is. Maybe from now on I’ll respond with something less definitive than red or brown like “chestnut.” I got that answer off a box of hair color, too.

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  1. LOL, that was me last night….fun to finally meet you yesterday!

  2. Chestnut, I like chestnut:) She is just gorgeous!

  3. I love chestnut, great description. She is gorgeous!! People pay big bucks to have hair that color!

  4. whatever color, it's beautiful 🙂 She's such a gorgeous little girl.

  5. Man that's tough… I don't know what to call it either. I say, stick with chestnut! 🙂