Blogging Road Block

Hmmm… It seems I’ve hit an unexpected blogging road block and will have to come to a decision. Apparently I’ve exceeded my limit for free image hosting using Blogger and Picasa Web Albums. I don’t have a problem with paying, but the problem is that the charges (although minimal) are charged annually until eternity. I feel like I’ll be committing to Picasa Web Albums and the subscription for as long as I want my photos to be available on my blog.

Hmm… I do have both Flickr and Photobucket accounts already… I’ll have to look into this matter further, and I guess my new pictures from Wednesday will have to wait while I think it over.

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  1. Oh wow, that blows. I have to check if I'm reaching mine too.

  2. wow… do you know how to check how much storage is used up? I have no idea how long I have!

  3. It is SO much easier to post using flickr or photobucket! You just copy the html and pop it right in your post. No waiting for uploads. AND I feel the quality is much better. I've been much happier since I switched to flickr!

  4. I'd definitely recommend using either of those two, I have accounts with both, but regularly use Flickr for my blog… and you can still go the free route! Merry Christmas to you and your family!~Tabitha