The last couple of days…

I’ve missed tasting food and breathing through my nostrils. My throat and lips get dry from breathing through my mouth. My poor baby is starting to get sick again, and she misses playing with Mommy who is hugely lacking in the energy department. I wasn’t able to think clearly enough to blog yesterday either.

On the bright side, tonight my husband took her to my parents’ house to play, and he came home with Robitussin and Coconut Curry Beef from Pei Wei. My fortune cookie had some good news, “you will soon emerge from the maze you’ve been traveling in.”

This is what Cady has been into lately. She wants (me) to stack random objects onto tiny kids chairs. Here we’ve got: a (real) pumpkin, a Carebear, a beach bucket, a musical Barney, a Hello Kitty, a World of Warcraft baby griffin, her dolly, a plastic kids plate, and a singing teapot.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon so you can have fun on Christmas!