Pictures with Santa, Milk and Cookies, and Hibachi Grill

We had our Santa pictures taken at the mall last year, but this year we decided to go to the town square and try the free photos with their Santa. As we predicted, things did not go as smoothly as they did our first time with the big guy. Cady is just going through a “I’m very picky about people” phase right now.

{ Last Year }

{ This Year }

Out of the two photos they took, that was “the good one.”

She did cheer up once we took her upstairs for the free milk and cookies.

Then we went to Mommy’s favorite Hibachi/Mongolian Grill.

Where Cadence had a lively story to tell us about her Santa experience with hand gestures and everything.

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces. “
George Santayana

P.S. In an unrelated subject, I just wanted to say that I got 8th place in the Trendy Treehouse Shutterlove Tuesday contest last week! I’m pretty excited about it.

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  1. Aw! She's old enough to realize that Santa looks kinda scary! Haha! My oldest got a Santa pic at 1.5 months old and that's it. We'll pass on the sad pictures. Sure is a cute crying picture of your baby though!

  2. Her eyes are amazing!

  3. Aww, she even looks adorable when she is crying, poor little girl haha, she was not happy about Santa. She will love that picture as she gets older! She is absolutely adorable, I love her eyes!

  4. crying or not, photos with Santa are always great! they tell stories … let me tell you that next year will be better.i remember my first child's time with Santa. The first year was great, the 2nd – all hell broke loose, the next years – he enjoyed so much.

  5. Awe she looks too cute!!! But this year she was NOT happy to see Santa or Mrs. Claus at all!!

  6. OK, aston didnt even want to come near santa :)) so, no SC pictures this year! LOL

  7. She is adorable!! Great capture.

  8. Oh my gosh. She is SUCH a doll! Congratulations on placing so well. That is fantastic : ) I am excited for you!

  9. My, my, you're little daughter is perfectly adorable! <3

  10. That is just too cute. She'll love that picture for sure when she's older!

  11. hahaha you should see averys pic from earlier this month….she wasnt a fan either :)ps- yay for 8th place!

  12. wow, even a good Mrs Claus!my never liked Santa or the Easter Bunny.Now, FREE COOKIES…always a winner!

  13. She is precious. Santa kinda scares me too. Now cookies on the other hand what a treat.Glad you linked up and shared about Wordy or not so Wordy Wednesday. Happy Holidays

  14. Great attempt at the Christmas photo though! That's so awesome you got 8th place, I cannot imagine how many people must have entered 😀

  15. she's a doll what a little sweet heart just think how opening presents with her this yr is going to be FUN FUN I had the same problem with santa last yr

  16. What a darling little girl! You gave me a great idea for next Wednesday… last year's (6 month old) photo with Santa vs. this year's (18 months). Let's just say, we had a similar experience. Stopping by from A Beautiful Mess. 🙂