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My mom spoke to a photographer we’ve known for over ten years now named Chris Wineinger, he’s put us down on his calendar, and he emailed her the contract. He took my senior prom photos, some family photos, my sister’s senior portraits, my sorority application photos, and some random pretty portraits for me in college.

He does all kinds of photography, he but is in high demand nowadays for weddings and is pretty much booked for every Friday/Saturday/Sunday for some time. He’s also traveled to some great locations for destination weddings, so it’s interesting seeing the new photos on his site.

He’s very talented, and his package includes 7 hours of wedding day coverage, an assistant photographer, and all the edited photos on a DVD with the rights to print them.

He’s always done this. Before everything was digital, he physically gave me a 4×6 of all my shots despite the cost of printing and film. More and more photographers are including the digital photos now, but there are still a lot of photographers that want you to buy each individual print from them. That is the way it was done traditionally, but I just won’t do it. Some photographers will only include all of the photos for a hefty rate or if you buy their biggest package.

Afterall, they could make quite a bit more money that way. Of course, I understand that photography (especially weddings and dealing with bridezilla’s and drunk uncles) and editing are many hours of work and late nights, and people should get paid for all their talent and hard work. Hence, why we think it is worth it to have a really great photographer with a really great package. If however, someone doesn’t necessarily need very many of the photos, they might save a lot of money going the other route.

I personally like lots of photos. In pretty much every scenario, I like having lots of options, and more photos in my possesion mean more options.

Oh yes, and he’s also kindly offered to throw in some generous extras for us that he’s already written into the contract. Isn’t he great? I guess because we go way back.

This was when we really got married– just a couple of crazy kids in love. At home. No photographer (or anything else really). Just us. It’s nice to have a celebration to share with friends and family, but I’m already happy just being together. It makes me smile just looking at this photo.

“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”
Eudora Welty

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  1. Our wedding photographer (and package) was the exact same thing. Except this was back in 2008 so we paid a thousand less than what they are asking now. I really like having the rights to use my pictures however I choose and print how many I want too so I did the same thing when they took our maternity pictures as well last summer.

  2. That is a beautiful picture! I don't even want to talk about my wedding photographer, things didn't go so well

  3. are you renewing vows?sounds like a great guy- enjoy all the captured memories!

  4. So presh! I love it and congrats on getting a good deal with your photographer. It definitely pays to be well connected AND to have some client history 🙂 I cannot wait for the photos! When is the wedding by the way? Will I get my invite in the mail? Just out of curiousity!