Butter Flavored Crisco, Take 2- Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometime back I had bought Butter Flavored Crisco just to try it out, and I found out that it didn’t work out because I had used it for the wrong purpose. I was informed that it would be good for cookies, so today, we decided to try it because a recent trip to subway had given me a craving for cookies.

My husband is definitely rubbing off on me. I never used to eat dessert, and now I don’t feel like a meal is complete without a bite of something sweet like a piece of Halloween candy (all of which I finished off).

The cookies turned out nice and soft just like they said the shortening would do (as opposed to real butter, which they said makes them crispier), but I think the butter flavor was a tiny bit strong. Since I don’t have a lot of cookie-baking experience, this is something that will take time and experimentation to figure out, but I definitely plan on making more in the future.

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  1. I love chocolate chip cookies, and yours look pretty tasty. 🙂

  2. yum ! btw, is that your new font? cool!

  3. I have been making "crisco delights" around here since cameron was born. that's what we call choc chip cookies with butter-flav-crisco…bc we thought she had a sensitivity to dairy. wellll…they cookies were fine (nothing like a traditional choc chip cookie, of which i am a big time connoisseur) but i've tried using the crisco in other cookie recipes. not a good outcome. the texture AND the flavor get completely thrown off. good luck in your experimentation..maybe you can figure out some little fix..OH…and im totally with you…the butter flavor is definitely overpowering.