I had started blogging in 2005 on Xanga. I would often end up abandoning a blog and starting a new one because at the time, changing your username/url wasn’t an option. In 2009, a lot of my mommy friends were blogging about their babies on Blogger, so I decided to do the same. This blog was neglected for a while until I started doing searches for baby craft how-tos, and I found the best ones from mommy blogs. I liked their sites so much, I decided to start “follow”ing them and start posting here again.

“Just Another Day in Paradise” is apparently a popular blog title that I only realized later I wasn’t the only one who thought of. The truth is, it was just the first one I thought of that really stuck to mind, and I got it from the Phil Vasser song. I actually got to see him perform it live at one of our local radio stations where he gave me an autographed photo.

I like country. I like piano. I like that Phil kind of has a Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland’s fictional character from 24, not my dog) thing going on but with more muscles than special agent tactics. Oh yeah, and I really like that he told me I’m cute (maybe he knew I was the one who squealed during his performance– during this song, actually).

{ Pre-baby days when I colored my hair }

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  1. I started blogging on Xanga January 2005 too and still keeping it up to date because it's just too sad to give up on it now. I prefer blogger better but my Xanga blog holds so much history of me!

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  3. i totally know what you mean about xanga~~ i've been on there for ages too! i'm going to subscribe to this one too so we can keep in touch even if you leave xanga! =P