Cady Lately

– Growing her 8th tooth, which is the 4th of the bottom teeth.
– Loves saying the word, “no.” A lot. Even singing it for no reason.
– Has been off on her usual sleep schedule (at least this week).
– Has a growing vocabulary.
– Learned to sign “water” the first night we taught it.
– Refers to some animals by name (mi-ming, dog, duck, bunny).
– Refers to some animals by sound (oink, ba, neigh, woof woof woof).
– Will run towards the sound of Barney or the water running in the rub.
– Could live in the tub forever and loves playing with water anywhere.
– Enjoys lining up the shampoo/conditioner/bubble bath bottles along the tub.
– Plays tub basketball and can identify the letter A in her bath letters.
– Wants us to read her books over and over again to her.
– Wants to read, play or watch tv while sitting in our laps.
– Might have hidden Mommy’s wallet.
– Stands up and/or dances to favorite Barney songs.
– Takes her bunny with her when wanting to get into our bed.
– Weighs about 25 pounds and is very heavy to carry.
– Doesn’t like seeing Daddy leave but recovers quickly.
– Likes playing with Justin and Simone.
– Seems to hear a difference between English and Tagalog.
– Won’t sleep at Lolo and Lola’s house.
– Very ticklish like her daddy, even from just a possibility of tickles.
– Favorite songs include: Taylor Swift’s Love Story, Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, The Roots’ Lovely Love My Family, and Jennifer Lopez’s Let’s Get Loud
– Runs away from loud noises or when someone is at the door.
– Doesn’t like the vaccuum or the dust buster.
– Likes to play with recycling and put empty milk jugs back in the fridge.
– Prefers Filipino food and rice with the exception of lasagna.
– Want to sit on Mommy’s desk. Wants everything thrown on the floor.
– Wants to be the one holding the phone, mouse, camera or video camera.
– Still chooses Mommy over anyone else.

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  1. awww that is the sweetest smile :))