Zesty Crockpot Chicken

Here’s another great recipe I got from Tried and Trues. I absolutely love it. I first heard about it (and Tried and True) from SamsterMommy. You can actually make it on the stovetop, too, which is what I did this time since I got started on it late and we were hungry for lunch. Today I served it over rice, and I think that’s the preference at our house. So yummy and easy. I love to pour the sauce all over my rice, shred the chicken, and mix it all up. Cady likes it that way, too (and pretty much anything with rice).

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been a photogenic dish any time I’ve made it, so instead, I’ll end this post with a photogenic doggie.

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  1. Was blog hopping and found your blog. Do you live in Waco? I saw a few posts about Baylor. I have several family members who live in Waco. I hope you don't mind a new follower :)-Ashley-