Why I love Filipino Parties


Rockin the cupcake shirt. My favorite.

Saturday we dropped off Cady at her grandparents’ house I believe sometime around 2 to hang out. Then Tim and I went to the town square to drop off jars of baby food for the food drive and walk around to scout possible portrait locations. We got home at 4 and had an hour to rest before going to a 7 year old’s birthday party at a Filipino family’s house where we consider ourselves practically related.

Actually, the earlier part of the party was the birthday party, and the later part of the party, which went on late into the night, was a boxing match watch party for the Pacquiao-Margarito fight. Some kids left. More adults came. Kids played upstairs. Grown ups downstairs. I talked with some women who knew who my cousin Jessy was and said some very nice things about her. She’s an actress in the Philippines, and I thought it was cool that they knew about her. Before the fight started we were able to watch the Baylor-A&M game, which we (sadly) watched Baylor lose when we got home.

On the bright side, we were with nice people and had lots of great Filipino food. Buko pandan, pancit, lumpia, and Filipino style (sweet) spaghetti (with hot dogs) were my favorites. What’s even better is that when you leave a Filipino party, the hosts always ask you to take home some food since they always prepare way too much even if each of the many guests were to stuff himself excessively. Despite having eaten all the things previously mentioned plus flan, macaroni salad, chicken, dinuguan, rice, caldereta, and pho, I was happy to make a to go plate.

My Tita said, “take whatever you want.”
“Take whatever I want?”

Plate 1 of 3 (not counting the one I took home or the soup).
Pho. Not Filipino, but we like it, too.
Buko pandan.
The birthday cake. I love it! This is from HEB.
They make delicious, beautiful, inexpensive cakes.
My to go plate I snacked on when we got home.
Cady enjoying her new favorite, lumpia, while we finished the football game at home.

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  1. that picture of cady and the lumpia is adorable!