The McRib and Cady at the McPlay Place

We didn’t take advantage of the free meals for veterans a lot of restaurants were offering in honor of Veterans’ Day. Instead, we went to the golden arches where my husband sampled the famed McRib for the very first time and Cadence and a grand time in the play place.

[ Yes, I know McDonald’s is bad for you, but I’m all about moderation. ]

I really like the newly remodeled location. They had knocked down the entire building and put up a completely brand new one. The play place is now a bright and open room with lots of tables and a music themed play area for kids 0-3 as opposed to the dark and I’m sure difficult to clean tubes and tunnels that were for ages 3+.

It’s funny because I told my husband, among many other things, that I wanted to get a McRib when I wasn’t sick anymore. I had lost 3 pounds in just a few days. Worst. Diet. Ever. Hopefully I won’t be going through that again for a while. Our naughty little fast food trip probably made up for it.

He liked it! Another win for the McRib.

Cady loves the baby in the mirror.
She wants to share her cold and maybe get something in return.
The slide was a lot of work (for me and Tim to help her),
but the instruments really play!
Showing off her patriotic colors.
Oops. I didn’t realize I put that same picture of Cady on both collages until they were side by side. I guess I must  really like it.

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  1. i love her dress!!! where did you get it??? am i the only one in the world that dont like mcrib?? LOL