Coffee, Caffeine, and Migraines

I didn’t used to really drink coffee, but now I understand why so many of my mommy friends love it so much. It works!

I’ve always loved the smell, and I enjoy the taste so long as it is mixed with milk, sugar, and other tasty flavors. However, the caffeine has always made me crazy– literally! If I have even a soda too late in the day, I can’t sleep all night, and when I do, it’s the kind of sleep where my mind doesn’t really turn off all the way (really not a good rest). A venti Frappucino from Starbucks made me freak out once.

When I was an intern at a law office (yes, I planned on going to law school once but we’ll talk about that another time), every morning the attorney I worked for offered me coffee, which I always refused. Then one day, I made myself a really big cold coffee drink with milk and sugar. I was hyper active until dinner time!

What can I say? I’m a naturally fast moving, fast thinking, fast talking, (fast heart rate) kind of gal. Any extra caffeine is just adding fuel to the fire.

Why did I start drinking coffee then? Headaches!

When I was in college and would stay out all night partying, I’d have a terrible headache the next day (although completely different from the ones I get nowadays). Excedrin worked great, but had too strong of a caffeine punch. The active ingredients are acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine. I’d take a Tylenol, an aspirin, and drink a soda (with some fried chicken before going back to sleep, but that’s off-topic). These are also the same ingredients as the Excedrin Migraine brand (minus the fried chicken).

The migraines have been so bad, I literally can’t function. I lay in bed with the blackout shades closed, the lights off, complete silence, and a pillow over my head wishing I could scoop out the pain from behind my eyeball. I never used to get migraines. I didn’t even know for a while that they were migraines!

I plan on making some lifestyle changes to hopefully reduce their occurances, but having some of what I call “emergency caffeine” has definitely helped. We bought a case of bottled Frappucinos from Sam’s Club, and now there’s only 3 left! I think I’ll take it down a notch next time though and see if a box of Barq’s Rootbeer will work instead.

Since I’m feeling fine today, I won’t have one. I don’t want to get addicted to caffeine!

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  1. So you're still figuring out why the headaches happen? Is that right? I could talk to you a lot about headaches girl, I feel like I'm a pro (sadly).

  2. So you're still figuring out why the headaches happen? Is that right? I could talk to you a lot about headaches girl, I feel like I'm a pro (sadly).