All Been Sick

Our whole household has been sick for a few days. Cady had it first. Then me. Then Tim. Poor kiddo coughed so much she woke herself up crying and threw up one night. I guess it just has to run its course.

The place is cluttered, and we’ve gone through lots of orange juice. I haven’t been cooking as much (or making really simple stuff) or doing other chores. Tim has been extra helping out a lot even though he’s sick, too (he already helps out a lot around here).

The loss of productivity is always a disappointment. Missing out on the entire weekend is an even bigger one. Not being able to mother at full potential is the worst.

Luckily my parents were able to help by watching her a lot over the weekend. She was able to go out. She had people around her with more energy to play and give her lots of attention. Meanwhile, Tim and I spent that time in bed feeling thankful that we had purchased the 8-pack of “family size” facial tissues from Sam’s Club.
Our to do lists will always be there when we’re ready for them, but I hope we can get better soon for Cady. My voice sounds awful when I read her books. We’ve also been letting the little one watch extra Barney lately just to get by. She doesn’t seem to mind though.

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