Hibachi/Mongolian Grill

We went to my new favorite place to eat as of Halloween weekend. Despite the fact that I had been feeling sick, I wasn’t going to let the sniffles stop me from enjoying myself. We even all went to get dessert afterwards. Besides, I had not stepped out the door in three days.

I knew we were going back again this weekend with the whole family when my sister came into town and had been looking forward to it every day this week. Tim and I both agree that we could eat there every day (as in, we would like it, but we’re not actually going to since that would not be practical). It’s so good! I know I described it the last time we went.

We’re pretty lucky to live so close to each other and to be able to see each other so much. A lot of families aren’t able to do the same. It’s too bad almost all of Tim’s family is in California. It would be neat if we were all in one place.

The restaurant is located in our very popular town square. It has hibachi in the name (Japanese?), but they call it a “Mongolian style grill,” which is kind of confusing. Apparently it really originated in Taiwan. An Asian man in front of us in line was telling my husband about all of this.

His young daughter told me, “I’m a climbing monkey!” Very different conversations. My whole family had a few laughs over that part when we were back at the table. Kids can be so cute.

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