The existence of Pear-Apples is new to me. Tim picked some up at the store for Cady earlier this week since she likes to eat pears for breakfast, and he thought we’d try them out. They are pears, but they look like apples. I’m not sure what the benefit of looking like an apple is. I suppose they could be dipped in caramel and look round and pretty. I prefer the taste of pears personally. I think they’re way underrated. I like the smell, too. I also prefer pears for Cady to help her in the diaper area if you know what I mean, so it’s a good thing she likes them.

I put her little chair in the kitchen and had her sit in it, so she would keep her pear eating mess just on her pajamas. It worked great, and she didn’t feel like she was confined. Looking back I guess I could have put her in the high chair.

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  1. I LOVE pear-apples! Have you ever had grapples? They are apples that taste grapey! Mmm!!! Oh, have a question, how did you get the other tabs on your blog….i.e. cadence, cakes, crafts, cooking, contact? I want to make one for Paige's art that she is making so I can photograph it and then eventually throw it away!