Free Day at the Zoo #2

Last Tuesday was the first Tuesday of the month, which is the free day at the zoo (after 2pm). There were hardly any people there compared to last month, and the weather was really nice. They missed out. It was warm enough at first for shorts and cool enough for a sweater at times, but it was quite a relief from the 90 degree weather we were having in October!

The great thing about going to the zoo more frequently is that you don’t have to see it all at once. We can walk around leisurely and leave when we’re tired, which doesn’t take too long since we’re with a 15 month old. Since it’s free, we’re not worried about getting our moneys worth. We can see a little at a time and save the rest for later. We’ll probably get a membership eventually.

This is Cady’s going to the zoo face.
It’s becoming a trend.
Notice the milk drool on her lip.
The first thing we did was head to the children’s zoo area.
We couldn’t resist a ride on the carousel.
Cady was a little nervous and held on tight to Daddy.
Then we checked out the petting zoo.
Cady was a little nervous and held on tight to Daddy.
Cady knows that goats say, “ba!”
She also thinks that cows are the same as goats.
She didn’t say anything about the llama.
Anything with a beak and feathers is a “duh” (duck).

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  1. It's funny how kids categorize animals at first! For a while, every animal to Orien was "hey kitty".

  2. Aren't family times wonderful? Glad you had a good time at the zoo.

  3. That is so sweet!PS love the sunglasses! 🙂

  4. Zoo time is such a fun family together time! Thank you for sharing your little one with us, she's adorable! ♥Visiting via Wednesday's Walk! 😀

  5. What a cute blog! And what a cute family!Thanks for linking up for Lazy Wed Walk!The Lazy