2010 Baylor Homecoming Trip Day 2: Waco

Tim ended up being sick all Friday night and Saturday morning. We let the little one sleep until past 11 before Tim decided we would attempt to continue on to Waco after getting ready and stopping for some over the counter medication and a few other items. I offered to drive, but as always, Tim took it for the (family) team.

Cady and I both ended up falling asleep, got startled by some sudden rain, and I fully woke up right before we got to the school. We grabbed a bite at one of my favorite college hangouts, George’s (the very same one in the Pat Green songs), where we heard news from other customers that they cleared the stands at the game due to lightning.

Cady watching a baby at the next table.
Mommy is waking up from her nap in the car, but Cady is ready to eat.
Tim had to take a moment before he could put this happy face on.

We headed up to the school right when it started pouring again, luckily found a spot in the garage by the bookstore, and did a little shopping. The rain cleared up long enough for us to take a few quick photos before having to take cover in the student union building.

I’m guessing it didn’t look like this during the parade.
She was obsessed with these tiny armchairs.
I remember seeing some for about $50 at Garden Ridge.
It would be worth it if it means she’ll sit still for a bit.
Admiring the seal and checking out the homecoming displays in the student union building. This was the backup dress I made in case she couldn’t get into the one I had made her (I’ll try to add a zipper and get her to wear it for a few pics later).
It got cool after the rain, and I’m glad we bought her this weather for the trip (and that I made sure to throw it into my always very full bag).
I would’ve loved to just walk around our beautiful campus to take pictures.
Next time. Hopefully the weather (and our health) will cooperate
There was a lot of puff eating on this trip.
Well they’re really not bad for you, so whatever keeps her happy.
The writing on the building says “Wisdom is better than rubies.”

Since the weather was bad and so was Tim’s condition, we headed back to College Station and actually had a great time just hanging out together at the hotel and snacking on some chicken soup, hotwings, and a fruitcup they sold downstairs.

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