2010 Baylor Homecoming Trip Day 1: College Station

Tim put in the pillow. She climbed in and out herself. She’s got the keys already.

The plan was that we would hang out in College Station Friday night, drive up to Waco Saturday, spend the day there, drive back to College Station that night to sleep, and drive back home the next day. That way, we would only be driving a little at a time, and Cady wouldn’t be cooped up in the car too long. Last year, we stayed in Waco and ended up having to stop in College Station each way anyway to take a break, and my sister and her roommates let us hang out at their condo for a little while.

We got off track starting Friday morning because Cady woke up and napped not during her normal schedule around which I had strategically planned the car ride, but that wasn’t too much of a problem. She was in a dancey-good mood listening to Barney until she fell asleep in the car.

She wanted her bunny, pillow pal, and blankie all to be in her lap.
Also, Cady started riding forward facing in October!

We checked into our hotel room and had dinner with my sister, which we followed up with a trip to Cavenders (their store ended up having a way bigger women’s boots selection but no toddler) and the mall where we got a great deal on a cute (Rare Editions regularly $29.99 for $11) dress for Cady and she gave me a hard time (batting with her shoes) while her dad was in the bathroom. Then we just hung out in the hotel before doing the usual bedtime routine and going to sleep.

We were early and didn’t even have to wait (and there was a huge crowd waiting when we left). Tim almost forgot his sunglasses, but luckily, the hostess had them waiting for him when he ran back in.
Playing with keys while Mommy browses boots.

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