I was so thrilled last night after the game, I decided it was too exciting a night not to go out (even though I haven’t gone out in two years). I didn’t know if I would ever go out again, but I didn’t know Baylor would beat UT either! I’m always proud of the bears, but right now, I’m really, really happy for our school!


Taken with our point and shoot. Thank you Mr. Lobster.
My husband’s costume was great for carrying my phone and camera.
Going out together was great. It was like we were on a date 🙂

I spent $.50 on the felt and had everything else. I made the ears Friday night for Halloweentown with Cady (I’ll post pictures soon). In other victories, I had no problems getting into this dress I bought in 2008 from before I had the baby! What an awesome day.

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