Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Slow Cooker Recipes {and Asian Style Ribs}

I had to buy my own copy when I borrowed Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Slow Cooker Recipes from the library and saw that there were so many delicious recipes I wanted to try. Most slow cooker recipes books I’ve looked through in the past (and I’ve looked through very, very many) had pretty much all the same stews and soups. This was the first slow cooker book that I actually thought was worth purchasing my own copy of.

One warning though is that a lot of the recipes cook for less than 8 hours, which is not a problem for me because I can throw everything in and come back to it later, but I know that won’t work for people who need something that will cook while they go to their jobs away from home.

The first recipe I tried was “Asian Style Ribs with Broccoli and Rice.” I’ll admit, I didn’t do exactly as the recipe said to adapt the recipe for our needs.

First of all, it would be way too much food for us, and we are usually horrible about leftovers. Then, I didn’t have converted rice, so I cooked our jasmine rice in the rice cooker as usual. I also added soy sauce. I’m not sure how long it was supposed to cook for because I just put mine on the “high” setting for four hours and then when I thought it was done it waited on “warm” for a couple more hours until we were ready to eat.

It turned out to be really good, and it’s a new and different kind of slow cooker recipe than one I’m used to seeing, which is great because I love the convenience of slow cooker, casserole, or one pot dishes. Plus the slow cooker made the meat nice and soft.

By the way, we like super soft veggies at our house, but people who like theirs crisp should wait until close to the last minute to add the broccoli. I didn’t put mine in right away, but they had time to hang out in there a while.

It’s tough coming up with new, easy to cook meal ideas that my family will enjoy, and it never hurts to have more. I can’t wait to try more from this book. It even has a chapter on desserts and a bonus chapter on casseroles that I’ll be trying as soon as it’s not so hot here anymore (84 degrees today). I’m curious about her second slow cooker book, too,

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  1. i love sandre lee! im all about semi-homemade…that reminds me, i think i have her book somewhere in the house. i need to dig it up…