Pumpkin Patch

We decided to take Cady to a church pumpkin patch just a couple miles away to check out her reaction. She was curious at times, but for the most part, she was not having it. She definitely didn’t want to sit next to pumpkins for lovely pictures, and she was walking sideways like a crab on the grass. We take her out a lot, but this is definitely a new experience for her. I’m glad we didn’t drive 45 minutes and pay $30 for the big pumpkin patch experience because she lasted about 15 minutes and wanted to cry at the end. Maybe we’ll get her warmed up on these little ones first.

She likes eating utensils and keys, so we let her hold these to keep her happy.

P.S. It’s still 90 degrees here.

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  1. great mommy & cady shot! which church was this?

  2. I know it's SO warm out. Our pumpkin patch photos were forced and hot too!

  3. Your daughter is such a cutie pie!