Homecoming Weekend: Hanging Out At the Hotel: Eating Puffs

I was packing up our stuff Saturday night to make things easier for when we left Sunday. Tim was watching Cady/the tv right above her. He suddenly called me when he saw this mess and what she was doing…

I wasn’t planning on buying these anymore since she’s able to chew now (they basically melt in your mouth), but she pointed them out at the store and apparently still really likes them.
Don’t worry. We didn’t let this go on too long, but it was too cute to us not to capture.

I love (the last photo) when she realized it was empty and started trying to put them back in. Babies are so precious.

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  1. I say as long as it keeps her entertained let her have at it! 🙂 Cute!

  2. she looks like that little gremlin thing from lord of the rings in the firs two

  3. adorable!