Homecoming Mini-Post: Cady Giggles

Sometimes I take so many pictures I get a little overwhelmed with trying to sort through them. I tend to procrastinate on tasks that seem too large. Doesn’t everybody? It was even the main conflict on the Barney where they travel to Venice.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve gotten lazy about posting pictures on Facebook and haven’t been posting as much as I could be on here (like the pictures from our recent trip to my alma mater). Plus there’s just so many I like, it’s difficult to choose.

However, I particularly love this set of Cady having a giggle-fest while eating Goldfish grahams at the hotel last weekend. She occasionally gets wild with laughter when she needs sleep, and we did let her stay up just a tiny bit later because she did so much sleeping in the car.

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  1. she is sooooo gosh darn cute!

  2. adorable!! more pictures, pleasemom

  3. i can just hear her giggles…