Little Jack Bauer is 3

Well our little special agent turned 3 on the 12th (and I’m a little behind on this post). Jack is a Bichonpoo with very curly white fur. He often looks like a fake dog… or a muppet. He has long legs and is good at jumping. He will eat treats if other dogs are getting them, but his favorite thing in the world is fetch. He is very friendly, and is the best behaved of all the dogs while riding in the car, except for that time two years ago he jumped out the driver’s side window while riding on my lap (luckily we were stopped at a left turn and he ended up on the median where I could get him after temporarily putting the car in park).

These pictures were taken with the camera in my hand next to me (not in front of my face, so I couldn’t see the viewfinder) while I used my other hand to throw the ball and make sure Cady didn’t fall off her seat next to me. I still really like how they turned out though.

To me, this is what it looks like when a dog is smiling.

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  1. cute blog! where in texas are you?

  2. Jack is adorable! And these are such wonderful photos…so sweet 🙂

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  4. I am leaving a comment to test a theory

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  6. He IS smiling! So cute! I love the angle of these photos! Hey, you need to link your email up with your blogger profile so you are easier to respond to 🙂 I couldn't find your email address when I got your comment tonight 🙂

  7. SO so cute!! LOVE it 🙂