Grocery Store Samples = Easy New Meal Ideas

We’re pretty big suckers for samples and have a tendancy to buy the products we taste when we’re at the grocery store. I like trying new things when it comes to food and get bored eating the same stuff all the time. We’ve tried new kinds of juice, bread, gumbo ingredients, cheese, and more. I consider it a good thing because sometimes we need more meal ideas, and being able to try something first helps us decide whether or not we’d like to make it ourselves at home. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the recipes are always super easy to make.

Today I made “Hot Pepper Raspberry Chipotle” hot wings using a simple rub on the wings before frying them and a sauce that we put on after letting them sit for a bit on some paper towels (both from HEB). So easy and tasty. Two things that are important to me when I’m cooking.

I love fried chicken.

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  1. love me some wings!

  2. Gabby! I tasted those at the cooking connection about a month ago and we LOVE them. Except I use it on pork chops wrapped in bacon. Def a must!