The Bride’s Survival Guide book review

I just read the library’s The Bride’s Survivial Guide: 150 Mistakes to Avoid for the Perfect Wedding, and I would definitely recommend it. It’s informative and interesting to read. A lot of the tips I read in there I already agreed with before reading the book, but it didn’t hurt to read it anyway to get more ideas.

Some things I read that I didn’t already think about or might forget:
*MUSIC: Ask about plans for breaks. Have a no play list. Protect song requests. Give phonetic pronunciation of names.
* PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Submit a photo wish list. Avoid cheesy video edits.
* DECOR: Check what decor can’t be used at the site.
* BEAUTY: Wear undergarments that feel good and not just look good. Remember to do touch ups. Have a jacket, sweater, or a wrap.
* FOR THE BIG DAY: Consider hiring a wedding coordinator to handle the day of the event.

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