Our Columbus Day Weekend

Friday Cady woke up at a weirdo time, which messed up her sleep schedule a little. We took a walk in the morning, so she wouldn’t see Daddy leave and get really upset. We got some kolaches for breakfast where I ran into an old friend and Cady drank orange juice for the first time (she really loved it).

After a nap, we went to my parents’ house and met a visiting relative for the first time, (with my sister in town for the weekend) walked around the mall to get some birthday presents, and had dinner at a Japanese/latin fusion restaurant with my sister and her boyfriend. Cady started getting pretty cranky there but immediately fell asleep in the car, which explained everything.

Saturday we went to JoAnn’s Fabrics where I got the fabric for Cady and Quinn’s matching Dorothy costumes as well as some $.99 Simplicity patterns, which is what I was hoping to find since I was just saying on Wednesday that I hoped they’d have a $.99 pattern sale. I thought they might since it was a holiday weekend. Then we walked around the shopping strip to the dollar store and walked to my parents’ house while Tim met us there with the car.

We ate lunch there and went home to rest up before a birthday party for my friend’s daughter. Cady slept through the entire party and never made it, but we didn’t want to wake her since she had been in a mood since Friday. When she woke up, we went to a McDonald’s with a big play place and PS2 games, and Tim got Monopoly games pieces– something he really enjoys playing every year. Cady drank more orange juice. We got a desk chair for Tim and got some shoes for me. I wanted to get some for Cady, but she didn’t want to cooperate with trying them on.

Sunday we saw the ducks at the lake and were very popular after throwing out a few Goldfish crackers. There were ten ducks just hanging out watching us watch them including the one that’s always following us around. We met up with Tim and took a walk. It got hotter than anticipated, so we stopped at Burger King instead of taking the planned route.

Cady had more orange juice. She’s getting kind of obsessed, but once a day shouldn’t hurt. I feel a little guilty that she’s had some fast food two days in a row, but she didn’t have that much and had apple slices at both places, too. They had computers with games there, a Wi-Fi lounge, and a cockroach. Ew. Cady imitated me knocking out some cobwebs with my shoe so she wouldn’t touch them.

I baked a batch of cupcakes for Tim to bring to meeting, baked a cake for his friend who helped us move furniture (down the stairs and up the stairs), baked a cake for a little boy as requested by my yaya, decorated the cupcakes, and then decorated the cakes.

Pumpkin candies make easy cupcake decorations.
Butterscotch and mini chocolate chips make for an easy topping.

Sprinkles are another easy one for a kid’s cake.

I was worried Yaya would be disappointed since she had seen me do much more detailed and time consuming work before, but then she called me to thank me, tell me she liked it and that it was so cute, and ask me again if I would accept money for it. She is so sweet. And Yaya’s cakes are always free.

I didn’t spend much time decorating the cakes and cupcakes. Can you tell I’m getting lazy?.. Or really… just very tired… I’ve come to the realization that my cake decorating is inversely correlated to Cady’s demands. She has become more of a handful lately, so my attention to cakes have declined. Hence, why I did 3 cakes a month for 6 months, just one in July, just Cady’s cakes in August, and none in September. Being a wife and mom is a my first priority afterall, and cakes are just a hobby. I’ve been very busy with a little one who is doing a lot of this lately:

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  1. ok that's it, im calling you for our next cake! they look yummy!