Sam’s Club Trip with Cady

Warehouse clubs. I honestly think a membership is worth it. It’s like $30 or $35 bucks year, and you really do save a lot buying certain things in bulk. Granted, we don’t buy everything there, but the stuff we use regularly and aren’t going to change soon like: toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, bottled water, diapers, razors, paper towels, trash bags, ziplock bags, dog treats and more.

I’m a comparison shopper, and I see that a lot of their products really are cheaper like contacts, cameras, and other items even with the cost of the membership in mind. Supposedly if you spend $200 a year there it’s worth it. We probably spend that much on an average trip, but we don’t go very frequently. As one might imagine, it takes quite a while to go through four tubes of toothpaste between two adults.

It’s also a great place to get party food, sodas, alcohol, and serving items since you need large quantities. If we had a big freezer (which they sell there, too but we dont’ yet have room for), then we’d definitely stock up on more items. The Cheapest Family in America doesn’t shop at Sam’s, but they only do groceries once a month. There’s also the mom who has the family’s meals planned out for the whole year. It saves time and money– two good reasons for me.

She’s got her eye on samples.
Using Mommy’s eyeliner to “inspect” her new Barney DVD, which is the best we’ve watched so far.

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  1. she is such a cutie!

  2. somehow aston's obsessed with my eyeliner – he thinks its a pencil! LOL